Monday, June 15, 2020

Latest Marketing Tips for Music Company in 2020

Traditional music marketing is dead, and unfortunately, most of the big artists and the big music brand names already using huge space in the market what I called them attractive or influencing music marketing. However, they're still out here teaching you guys an outdated model. What's going on, guys? I'm out of my being. Over the past year, my company Grewal Digital Media has become the fastest growing music marketing business online, with over one thousand music albums and hundreds of music artist my agency got in less than 12 months.

I help independent music creators, recording artist, producer, singer songwriters and bands with building their music based brand and business so they can be heard, find adoring fans and get paid, doing what they love to do most music. So the reason why traditional music marketing doesn't work anymore is because the market is completely saturated with music creators pushing their music like it's still 2020 or something, using outdated strategies and techniques that give them mediocre results at best.

Because the platforms and the audiences have already adopted those old dated advanced techniques as the new norm and normal actions are for normal people. And normal people don't pursue a music career right.

I was so naive to this concept when I first got started, guys, that I thought just having high quality music was going to be enough to make it as an artist or as a producer. And that having high quality music would somehow deliver me to success on this glorious, sustainable career, which looking back at now, I guess you could call me a bit of a happy idiot to believe that ignorance is certainly bliss. Until you need to see result. Now, I want to ask you something, even though you might get upset with me, but have you ever felt like you were just the drop of water in the sea of other people who, just like you, are trying to pursue a music career?

Have you ever sacrifice time away from your friends and family in order to create music that you're excited about? But that excitement quickly felt the frustration when you finally had the courage to release it to the world, but quickly realized that no one was listening. Are you sick and tired of telling people who doubt you that it's all going to work out that your time is coming? But inside, you have no idea how or when that's going to happen.

If that sounds familiar, it's because all of those things I've experienced. But with attractive and trustable music marketing, you're going to be able to be heard. You're going to build an adoring fan base and you're going to get paid well, doing what you love to do. Making music that you're proud of. You deserve that. So what is attractive music marketing? Well, it's a modernized marketing framework that I've created that quickly transforms you into a magnetic brand. But let me break it down so it makes it a little bit more sense.

Let me share a story with you, actually. So about 10 years ago, my life was forever changed when I had this aha moment while staring at my phone right before bed. In an exhausted moment of clarity, I realized that these videos and photos and articles and even the ads that I was seeing on these websites and mobile apps were being shown to me on purpose. They weren't some random guesses. I realized that I, like so many other people, have been chasing people online trying to catch the traffic.

But instead, if I could just step in front of the traffic instead of chasing it. People were already there. People would discover my content in the same way that I was discovering these articles in these photos and these other pieces of content, which I could then build and imbibe marketing the ecosystem around. And this is when I began to work on my magnetic music marketing framework. This is the framework that pulls attention to you. It's like if search engine optimization and inbound marketing had.

For more details and tips you can just click on the link –, fill out the form and all you have to do is enter your name and your email address and your mobile no. going to get reserved. Now, with that being said, I hope you're as excited about music marketing as I am Gurjot Grewal founder of Grewal Digital Media. And if you have any questions, just reach out and I'll be more than happy to help you.

Latest Marketing Tips for Music Company in 2020

Traditional music marketing is dead, and unfortunately, most of the big artists and the big music brand names already using huge space in...